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Summer Family Activity Book

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Family , Church Life

Summer is fast approaching! For many of you, the next few months will be filled with travel, adventure and increased opportunities to spend time together as a family. As you begin to think about and plan how you will spend the next few months, we’d like to once again present you with the Summer Family Activity Book. This resource gives you ideas on how to be intentional with your time ...

Denton Transition Update

Author: Beau HughesCategory: Church Life

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly three months into a new year, another January season of prayer behind us and now a few sermons into our study of James. It’s such a healthy habit to begin each year in prayer together, asking God to align our hearts with His and to make us mindful of particular ways we can continue to be a community of “salt and light” in our unique time and place.

It's OK to Be OK

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: Community , Church Life

By the time I married, I was 34 years old with seven years of pastoral ministry experience. In many ways, this experience prepared me for marital disaster. I’ve seen the tragic effects of adultery, addictions, abuse, anger and apathy. I’ve heard stories revealing the worst of the worst.

What That Welcome Center Says

Author: Kyle WorleyCategory: Church Life, Ministry

Walking into The Village Church, you will see a welcome center, more commonly known as “Connection Central,” before you make your way to the worship center. The individuals who serve in this ministry are called “Connectors,” and their purpose is to serve you. They have been praying for you and expecting your arrival.

Resources Regarding the Sanctity of Human Life

Author: Adam GriffinCategory: Culture, Church Life

When Matt Chandler preached about racial reconciliation a few weeks ago, he followed it up with a list of several great books to increase your “ethnic IQ.” This past weekend, he preached on the sanctity of human life and the subject of abortion. This is one of the most important human rights issues in our lifetime, yet many of us are woefully uninformed. Below, you’ll find a list of ...

Books to Help You Pursue Racial Reconciliation

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: Culture, Church Life

In my sermon this past weekend, I talked about three ways we can respond to the call for racial reconciliation: pray, pursue and persevere. One particular way that we can pursue reconciliation is by increasing what I called our “ethnic IQ.” In that, I mentioned several books that I’ve found helpful in seeking to develop my own ethnic IQ.

Savor the Wait

Author: Hunter HallCategory: Church Life

I am not good at waiting. In fact, I can’t stand surprises. If I know something is coming, I want it right then. Obviously this trait is exposed every year at Christmas. Growing up, I remember looking for—and sometimes finding—my Christmas presents each year. I was a joy thief. I was so discontent in the waiting that I missed the beauty in the anticipation of what was to come.