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Culture Matters 4.1.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

Adam LaRoche, a baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, recently chose to leave the team when he was asked to quit bringing his teenage son with him to the ballpark. He shares his perspective at ESPN, stating that the decision between team and career or family was not a difficult one to make. Baseball has taught me countless life lessons. I've learned how to face challenges, how to ...

Culture Matters 3.25.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

This article in The Economist asks, “Why do we work so hard?” The short answer, at least for some, is that work is fun. The author credits software and information technology for eliminating some of the drudgery of work, leaving more time for the interesting aspects of it for people to engage in. They are asking about a job. I am thinking about identity, community, purpose—the things ...

Culture Matters 3.11.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

This Atlantic article explores the past, present and future of email. Once lauded as a new and efficient form of communication, now people complain about how much of it they’re constantly dealing with. Various apps have come out claiming to be replacements, yet “white-collar workers check their inboxes an average of 77 times a day.” Email has evolved into a weird medium of communication ...

Culture Matters 3.4.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

“Super Tuesday” is so named because the largest number of states hold their nominating contests on this day. 12 states, including Texas, held primaries or caucuses for either Republicans, Democrats or—in most cases—both. To learn more about Super Tuesday, check out this article from Politico, and for results from the day, take a look at CNN’s recap.

Culture Matters 2.26.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

This article by James K.A. Smith explores the use of various technologies in the church. He provokes his audience into examining how they define “technology” and whether or not they are in control of it. Monty Williams, associate head coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, delivered a moving eulogy for his wife, who was the victim of a head-on collision. In the face of ...

Culture Matters 2.19.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. U.S. Supreme Court Loses a Respected Member Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of what appears to be a heart attack last weekend; the known details are covered at The Washington Post. After the unexpected death of such an important political figure, several articles were published about Justice Scalia, including ones by Elliot Milco, who named Scalia “our mighty ...

Culture Matters 2.12.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. That Dragon, Cancer Radiolab produced a podcast entitled “The Cathedral” to tell the story of Ryan and Amy Green, a Christian couple who created the video game “That Dragon, Cancer.” The game explores their battle with cancer on behalf their son, Joel, who was just 1 year old when he was diagnosed. It is a beautiful and powerful tool to help people understand the ...

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