Telling the Greater Story Through Our Stories
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Christina Stanfield

When the weight of foster care became too much to bear, Christina’s community came alongside her and helped shoulder the load.

Nick Cook

As Nick lived under the illusion that he could do as he pleased, the wallowing hole of self-destruction only grew deeper. He soon learned that without Jesus as the Victor, his life carried little joy.

Alex Launius

Alex’s time spent in prison was the best thing to ever happen to her because she came to know the Lord. Jesus redeemed Alex and led her to spread His message of redemption and restoration.

Stacha Leslie

Stacha’s conservative lifestyle led her to suppress sin. Through grace, she lifted her brokenness to the Lord, learning that her greatest problem was not a moral failure but a failure to honor Christ.

John Burke

After many years of trying to replace God’s love with every distraction that grabbed his interest, John discovered that God wanted his undivided attention and devotion.

Justin Beatty

Justin placed his identity in all the wrong places, which led to a pornography addiction and unfaithfulness. As his world crumbled, Justin realized his own depravity and need for Christ.

John Kundmueller

John’s desire to serve led him to a new opportunity for gospel-centered community. Not only did John develop new relationships, but he also experienced the beauty of serving the body with his gifts and time.

Matt Benton

Matt spent his life chasing the wind, looking for satisfaction and never finding it. God stripped away Matt’s feeling of control over his life and revealed His plan instead.

Liz Pace

After battling a 21-year addiction, Liz returned to church. Through Recovery Groups and confession, God has been faithful to sever soul ties and give Liz a reconstructed view of His design and purpose for her life.


Why Tell Stories?

We tell stories to speak the truth about the way things are and proclaim the gospel. God is reconciling all things back to Himself, and stories help tell this greater story. They testify to who God is and what He has done and is doing in Christ, reaching past mere intellect to stir and shape our affections.

The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms hearts and lives. It may be seemingly radical, like Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, or it may be a slow, gradual awakening. Whatever the case, it’s always miraculous and amazing that God would save sinners like us.

Stories Team

We tell stories through the help of our volunteer team. These volunteers serve through photography, videography, writing, editing and other areas. Our Stories volunteer team allows us to encourage and empower the artists and creatives within our church by giving them opportunities to serve the body with their various gift sets.

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