Telling the Greater Story Through Our Stories
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Cymone Lonon

Cymone left a same-sex relationship and ran to the Lord. In Him, she found freedom and true, unconditional love.

Helen Chouinard

Helen’s love for teaching God’s Word, along with her artistic talents, led her to a unique way of exploring Scripture and sharing the gospel with others.

The Chehayebs

As Ross and Britni struggled under the weight of student loans and a limited budget, their perspective on financial giving took a dramatic turn.

The Sims

Through miscarriage and loss, Kyle and Julie learned that the Lord was the only One who could heal their pain and fill their lives.

Julie Cheever

Julie put her twin boys up for adoption and felt the weight of her decision for years. Despite her past and its difficulties, Julie came to see the importance and beauty in adoption.

Nolan Ross

Nolan lacked a strong male figure through much of his life, leading him to mentor at-risk children in South Dallas.

Kaitlin Simmons

After being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and suffering from debilitating panic attacks, Kaitlin noticed a drastic change once she committed her life to Christ.

The Roarks

Despite David and Taylor’s daughter being diagnosed with a birth defect, the Roarks found comfort and peace in the truth that God is good and faithful.

Ben Mayer

In dealing with disease and drug abuse, Ben felt overwhelmed and hopeless. Through miraculous healing and years of sobriety, he came to recognize that Christ was with him from the beginning.


Why Tell Stories?

We tell stories to speak the truth about the way things are and proclaim the gospel. God is reconciling all things back to Himself, and stories help tell this greater story. They testify to who God is and what He has done and is doing in Christ, reaching past mere intellect to stir and shape our affections.

The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms hearts and lives. It may be seemingly radical, like Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, or it may be a slow, gradual awakening. Whatever the case, it’s always miraculous and amazing that God would save sinners like us.

Stories Team

We tell stories through the help of our volunteer team. These volunteers serve through photography, videography, writing, editing and other areas. Our Stories volunteer team allows us to encourage and empower the artists and creatives within our church by giving them opportunities to serve the body with their various gift sets.

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