Telling the Greater Story Through Our Stories
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Rachel Creed

The Village Church became a vital source of community for the Creeds when Rachel was diagnosed with a brain tumor while pregnant. Still seeking treatment, but with a healthy baby boy, they are hoping in Christ for the future.

Clayton Walley

Clayton didn’t grow up in a Christian home, but he still knew in his heart that he wasn’t living rightly. Through a cousin faithfully sharing the gospel, Clayton became a believer and now has his hope rooted in Christ.

Transform 2015

Transform is a gospel-centered service event at our Dallas Northway campus. We come alongside teachers and families to provide essentials for the new school year and engage our community with the gospel.

John Harris

John’s selfish decisions led to worldly success but also to divorce and addictions that crushed him until he totally surrendered to Jesus. God offered His amazing reconciliation, and John now faithfully serves the Lord who put him back together.

Shelley Lytle

Shelley Lytle experienced numerous health issues throughout high school and onward, but she held fast to God’s goodness. Even after a radical brain surgery, Shelley counts it all joy and believes God is doing good in her for His glory.

The Village Church Denton

After years of prayer and discussion, the Lord led the elders of The Village Church, namely campus pastor Beau Hughes, and the members of the Denton campus to transition the campus into a local, autonomous church.

The Jacksons

Being so young themselves, receiving full custodial rights to a teenager brought drastic change to both Murphy and Kalah’s lives. But the opportunity to leverage their influence and share the love of Christ has been well worth the challenge.

Lauren Frock

After years of chasing success and receiving little true fulfillment, Lauren made a decision that would forever change her life. It is now Lauren's belief in God's purpose for her life that gives her confidence and hope for the future.

The Andersons

In light of their sorrow due to the loss of their son, Tedashii and Danielle Anderson dealt with their suffering in vastly different ways. But they both found comfort in God’s goodness and their ultimate hope in Christ.


Why Tell Stories?

We tell stories to speak the truth about the way things are and proclaim the gospel. God is reconciling all things back to Himself, and stories help tell this greater story. They testify to who God is and what He has done and is doing in Christ, reaching past mere intellect to stir and shape our affections.

The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms hearts and lives. It may be seemingly radical, like Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, or it may be a slow, gradual awakening. Whatever the case, it’s always miraculous and amazing that God would save sinners like us.

Stories Team

We tell stories through the help of our volunteer team. These volunteers serve through photography, videography, writing, editing and other areas. Our Stories volunteer team allows us to encourage and empower the artists and creatives within our church by giving them opportunities to serve the body with their various gift sets.

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