Every January, we focus our attention on praying for racial reconciliation, the sanctity of human life and the nations. We cry out to God on behalf of the voiceless. We advocate for those who have no one to stand up for them. We ask God to protect and care for those who are persecuted. Our Father cares deeply about racial diversity and unity, the protection of life and the nations, and as His sons and daughters, we should care deeply, too.

This year, we encourage you to pray through and take action on these issues that are so near to the heart of God.


A Call To Prayer

Matt Chandler - 1/8/2017

Our lives should be informed by and marked by prayer. Our God desires us to seek Him and pray to Him. We want to be, always, a prayerful people and a prayerful church, so we should be aware of the hurdles of a life marked by joyful prayerfulness.