From Bitter to Sweet

Matt Chandler - 12/18/2016

In Exodus 15, we see how the gift of song stirs our affections for God. He alone is worthy of our worship.


Delivered Out Of Darkness

Matt Chandler - 12/11/2016

Through Exodus 13-14, we see that we are a consecrated people, compelled by the Holy Spirit and covered by the power of God.


The Passover

Anthony Moore - 12/4/2016

Through the 10th and final plague, we see that God is gracious and merciful, but He is not weak.


The Plagues, Part 2

Matt Chandler - 11/27/2016

Through the plagues, God reveals Himself to be the true God, the mighty Creator, a just Judge and a gracious Savior.


The Plagues, Part 1

Matt Chandler - 11/20/2016

God reveals His mercy through the plagues, revealing the lies upon which the Egyptians have built their lives.


Just Men

Matt Chandler - 11/6/2016

Through the genealogy of Moses and Aaron in Exodus 6, we see that God uses broken people. His work and plan always move forward.


Wrung Out

Matt Chandler - 10/23/2016

Christian or not, disappointments are a part of the human experience. Exodus 5 gives us a picture of disappointment wringing out the hopes of God's people and what we can do to prepare our hearts for the inevitable.


God is Able

Matt Chandler - 10/16/2016

In Exodus 4, we see God’s sovereign might as He chooses to work through imperfect people like Moses.


God Speaks

Matt Chandler - 10/2/2016

In Exodus 3, we see the nature of who God is, both transcendent—above us—and eminent—among us.


God Sees and Knows

Matt Chandler - 9/25/2016

God hears the cries of His people and perfectly keeps His promises. He is compassionate, attentive and faithful.



Matt Chandler - 9/18/2016

Moses’ giftedness was not enough for him to take matters into his own hands. He had to trust in the sovereignty of God, just as we do today.


Drawn Out

Matt Chandler - 9/11/2016

We are powerless to free ourselves from sin and death, but God graciously frees us from impossible situations.


Days of Darkness

Matt Chandler - 9/4/2016

God is working behind the scenes in secret and ceaseless care, and He tends to reveal His glory by using the weak and the powerless.


More Numerous than the Stars

Matt Chandler - 8/28/2016

God always keeps His promises, though sometimes in ways we do not expect. He is accomplishing something much bigger than us, yet He is actively involved in each of our lives.


Our Story in Exodus

Matt Chandler - 8/21/2016

We begin our Exodus series by introducing the book and its themes through selected readings from Exodus 1-15.