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Colleen Dobbs

Colleen Dobbs

Ministry Assistant

Life Story

I am truly blessed to say that I remember God calling me at age 4 when my neighbor invited me to attend Vacation Bible School at a local Methodist church. I remember cutting out a dove and threading pink string through the hole punches that lined its border. I remember not fully understanding the gospel, unable to comprehend the bigger picture of where I was and what I was learning. But I also remember a remarkable peace that surpassed all understanding. I could sense there was something bigger than me and that it was real and actively moving. 

As the years went by, God continued to reveal Himself to me. In the 8th grade, I was invited by a friend to sing in a middle school church choir. I mainly went for social reasons, but it was there that my eyes were opened to the gospel. As my understanding grew, I wanted to be at church whenever possible. My parents later allowed me to go on a retreat with the youth group, and I heard the gospel clearly for the first time. I responded by giving my life to Christ. 

Afterward, I wanted to soak in all it meant to be a Christian. In the specific church I was attending, it was difficult to grow at my age, but I had a deep yearning for God's Word and knew that there was more to learn. 

At age 15, I had a friend that died from juvenile diabetes. I spent an incredible amount of time with her family and saw what it meant to truly live as a Christian. I was able to see how a Christian family, marriage and daily walk were meant to look. I started going to their church where there was a clear mission and desire to dive deep into the Christian life. I was taught what it means to serve the church, share the gospel and root out the sin in my heart and repent. 

I attended Philadelphia Biblical University where the Lord gave me a surprising call to missions. Within a year after graduation, God provided all the funds and training for me to go to Guatemala. I was on the mission field in Guatemala for almost five years before I met the love of my life and moved home with him to Flower Mound, Texas, to get married! He had been attending The Village for eight years. Although the transition for me was difficult at times, the Lord proved over and over again that He is faithful. 

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village Church is that we would be a blazing light to those near and far. I pray that we would be a church that edifies one another, while cultivating a deep passion to reach the lost and obeying God as He uses us to further His kingdom!

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