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Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose

Associate Minister
office: (972) 537-1229

Life Story

As a young child in Southern California, I lived in a home that was both unstable and without Jesus. I attended church on the occasional holiday but still knew very little about the Lord. When I was 11 years old, my mother passed away. Though it was devastating and heartbreaking, the Lord used this tragedy for my good and His glory. I remember laying in bed the night after my mother's funeral, crying out to God and repeating over and over that I wanted to be His.

My family moved to Oregon the summer before I started high school. During this time, I struggled to balance being a Christian with being loved and accepted by my peers. God allowed me to chase the desires of my flesh for a few years, and by the time I was 16, I was broken. Then, I met a couple who loved me, discipled me and treated me as their own. For the first time, I saw an example of what a daily relationship with Christ looked like. I began to let go of all the guilt and shame I had been carrying around, and I started to truly understand the gifts of grace and mercy through Christ. I was thirsty for Jesus and couldn't get enough. Since then, God has shown me what it means to find my identity in Him and to no longer live without hope but to walk in the freedom of His love.

In 2009, I moved to Texas and started attending The Village Church. I volunteered in Kids Village for many years and loved every second. What I didn't realize was that the Lord was slowly molding and preparing me for vocational ministry. The Lord has given me a heart for the next generation and a passion for teaching. I have found an indescribable joy in sharing Jesus with these precious children in hopes that they will one day know the perfect love of the Father.

Hope for The Village

My hope for The Village is that we would continue to serve our members, community and cities well, and also that we would be a church marked by a passion for the lost. I hope we, as a church, will not rest until all have heard about the love, sacrifice and redemption found in Christ.

Central Office

2101 Justin Road, Flower Mound, Texas 75028 
Phone: (972) 537-1100  |  Fax: (972) 441-2275