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Adam Griffin

Adam Griffin

office: (972) 537-1223

Life Story

I was born in St. Louis but grew up mostly around Milwaukee, where God used godly parents, admirable mentors and incredible friends to relentlessly pursue a heart for the Lord in me despite my ferociously mischievous spirit. For most of my adolescence I had a knowledge of God without a fear of God. I had a hardened, apathetic spirit, and I wanted desperately to be great with little or no thought as to the greatness of God.

In college God began to unravel for me the reason He'd made me the way He did. God molded my propensity for being a smart aleck into a way to connect with people. He graciously redirected my sinful desire to be affirmed by admirable men into a passion to live humbly and disciple young men.

God relentlessly renovated my spirit and softened me into an awareness of the brokenness of this world and my own spirit. He graciously opened my eyes to what He meant by "God is love." I trust in God’s goodness and in His promises.

In 2010, I married Chelsea Lane. We have three sons: Oscar, Gus and Theodore. I did Student Ministry for 15 years. I’ve been a public high school teacher, a Young Life leader, a youth pastor and the Spiritual Formation pastor at The Village’s Dallas campus.

Hope for The Village Church

I hope to see families shepherded by godly fathers and mothers whose ministry is affirmed and edified by the community of The Village. I hope to see God save generation after generation of people in Dallas. I love watching God move in us, as disciples make disciples.

Central Office

2101 Justin Road, Flower Mound, Texas 75028 
Phone: (972) 537-1100  |  Fax: (972) 441-2275